Andrew Williamson 




Founder Andrew Williamson holds degrees from The Lawrenceville School, Yale College, the University of Cambridge, and Princeton University. 


Previously, he worked as a tutor in New York City at what is often called “America’s most highly regarded private tutoring service.” Rates for services at this organization range from approximately US$300-1,000 per hour.


Williamson’s career in education spans more than two decades. It began in the eighth grade, when he volunteered as an academic tutor for struggling classmates. In high school, at Lawrenceville, he ran a pro bono SAT tutoring program at a public high school in Trenton, NJ. 



Education Background


Lawrenceville School

Yale College

University of Cambridge​

Princeton University

Brief Introduction


Williamson started working as an SAT tutor again after graduating with a degree in English from Yale in 2009. In 2010, he moved to the U.K. to serve as a first grade teacher at the American School in London. There, he also began his first private practice as a tutor, tripling business from the first year to the second. That second year, academic year 2011-2012, he completed his master’s degree, also in English, at Cambridge. 


In 2012, Williamson returned to the United States to begin his Ph.D. at Princeton. He defended his dissertation, once more in English, in April 2019. His dissertation is entitled “Nothing to Say: Silence in Modernist American Poetry.” The first chapter of this dissertation appeared as “Pound ‘re/ sound’” in the Journal of Modern Literature in Summer 2020, and the introduction of the dissertation appeared as “Treatise: Toward a Theory of Silence in Modernist American Poetry” in Literary Imagination in 2022. 


It was during these doctoral years, from 2012-2019, that Williamson also worked at Advantage Testing of New York. He broadened his practice to include high school, college, and graduate school exams. 


Williamson moved to East Asia in 2019, when he began work as a High School English Teacher at the Taipei American School in Taipei, Taiwan. He then relocated to Hong Kong in 2021 to serve for two years as a Secondary School English Teacher at The ISF Academy. During the course of his career, Williamson has taught full-time in the classroom for Grades 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. Moreover, he has tutored students at every single grade level from pre-school through graduate school, working with thousands of young people over now more than 20 years.


In his spare time, Williamson continues to be an avid writer of literary fiction and scholarly articles in the field of English literature.